American Beauty was founded by wife, mother, and native Texan Sara Gonzales. As a prominent host on BlazeTV, both on “The News and Why It Matters” and her online channel, Sara Gonzales Unfiltered, Sara has been delivering unapologetic, no-holds-barred truth to her viewers for years.  As a conservative mother of two, Sara is proud to be a born and bred American and is extremely passionate about preserving the values America was founded on: life, liberty, freedom, and family. American Beauty by Sara is built on this ethos as well as Sara's passion for beauty and celebrating women in their entirety.


American Beauty by Sara is built on this ethos as well as Sara’s passion for beauty and celebrating women in their entirety. For years Sara was conflicted with the need for quality beauty products provided only by companies with misaligned values. In a bid to provide an alternative for conservative women, American Beauty by Sara was born. In our very first blog on the American Beauty Journal, we share a little background to the core values of American Beauty.

Celebrating Women and Supporting Conservative Values

Women embody countless admirable traits. Women are naturally intuitive, nurturing, kind, and compassionate. Women show grace, femininity, and elegance. At American Beauty we are on a mission to help celebrate and empower the unique and inherent strengths that women share that shape who we are and the lives we lead. We will not stand idly by while leftist corporations contribute to the erasure of traditional values across our beautiful country.

Rather than diminish the unique and special attributes that define women with degenderization movements, American Beauty aims to celebrate natural femininity. We wish to preserve our innate womanhood and commemorate the natural assets that womanhood blesses us with. We want women to be proud of the qualities that make them uniquely feminine and empower women with the confidence they need to excel in their everyday lives and feel their best.

In the American Beauty by Sara Beauty Journal, we will share beauty tips and advice, and other news and stories to help women embrace their femininity, reveal their inner beauty, and express themselves in a way that is true to their values, family and lifestyle.

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